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Invitation to Join FLEP Club, Nigeria
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Join the FLEP Club, Nigeria

About FLEP Club, Nigeria

Our Organization is a Youth and Women Focused Organization with Headquarters in Imo State. It operates both as a membership club and a development non-profit and has worked with UN agencies, international foundations, business community and the government. Formed in 2005 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja in 2009, we strive to engage young men and women in global development.

FLEP Club reaches out to young people through building of membership and carrying out of development projects using experienced staff and volunteers. Membership to the organization is open to any youth with unquestionable character. All members are involved in dialogue on how to accomplish the mission of the organization where they pool their ideas and help generate resources where possible. However, implementation of projects is done by a team employed by the organization’s Board of Trustees with the Project Director as National Team Leader.

Our Vision: We envisage a Nigeria  where ‘all’ young people work together to significantly reduce the number of youth living in poverty and conflict, involved in drug abuse, infected/affected by HIV/AIDS or prone to unsafe motherhood through broad awareness development that meet their human rights goals and aspirations.

Our Mission: Our mission is to mobilize communities and other resources that enable young people identify their inherent abilities, build values, set goals and actualize accomplishments that lead to HIV/AIDS prevention, drug demand/crime reduction, safe motherhood , conflict and disaster management and poverty reduction for overall community development in line with the Millennium Development Goals for 2015.

What is happening?

FLEP Club is moving into the sustainability stage of her organizational growth that will make it possible for every Nigerian youth to be reached with youth and women development information and services by December 2015.  We are therefore building teams around the areas of disaster management, conflict transformation and peace building across the country. These units will collaborate with UN agencies, International organizations and Foundations, Donor Agencies, NEMA, FRSC, the police, Civil Defense Corp, National Orientation Agency, State orientation Agencies, Ministries of Youth Development, Ministries of Health, Ministries of Environment, Ministries of Women Affairs, Political Leaders and Business Community.

Why join us?

We are looking for energetic youth and youth mentors that can join the club as members or serve as state

and regional team leaders. The state coordinator will oversee the membership development and overall growth of FLEP Club in his state of jurisdiction while each regional coordinator will monitor the administration of activities within a geopolitical zone of Nigeria.  Unemployed graduates and women are especially encouraged to apply. Although we do not pay salary at this stage except for program-based financial mobilization, we strive to enhance opportunities for employment and overall development of our members. ‘Through shared development efforts as one family, every FLEPIST is elevated to a noble of a respected class’.


To become a member of FLEP Club, you must have a minimum of WASC/SSCE, must not have any criminal record and must have a heart to help others and to work towards national development.  A State Coordinators must have minimum of OND or NCE or an undergraduate, while a regional coordinator must have a bachelor’s degree or HND or be a university /HND undergraduate in the final year.

How to Join Us

If you are interested in becoming a member, coordinating one of the 36 states of Nigeria and Abuja as Team Leader, or coordinating any of the geopolitical zones of Nigeria, send an e-mail with information about yourself and educational qualification to  with ‘member’, ‘State Coordinator’ or ‘Regional Coordinator’ on the subject line. (e.g. ‘Member-Abuja’ , ‘State Coordinator-Enugu’ or ‘Regional Coordinator-North Central’). Intending State and Regional Coordinators must have access to the internet and be able to send and receive email at least twice in a week.

What Happens Next?

Upon receipt of your mail, we will forward a FLEP Club membership form to you which can be filled electronically and submitted through email or printed, filled out and forwarded by regular mail to

FLEP Club, Nigeria

P.O. Box 52 Nkwogwu 462001, Aboh-Mbaise, Imo State Nigeria

Every accepted member or coordinator must pass through a one-week e-training program as well as participate in an induction ceremony that qualifies him or her as a full ‘NOBLE FLEPIST’.

For Further Information, contact us via;

The Project Director

Friends in Life Education Peer Club (FLEP Club, Nigeria)
Charity House, KM. 23 Owerri-Umuahia Road

P.O. Box 52 Nkwogwu Aboh-Mbaise, Imo State Nigeria
Tel: +234 (0)703 2484555
        +234 (0)805 9591801


Skype: Udochukwu1971


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